IPQualityScore Email Verification

IPQualityScorecom email verification

IPQualityScore.com email verification is a powerful tool that can help improve your email marketing efforts by ensuring that all of your emails are sent to valid and active addresses. This will reduce the number of spam complaints you receive, boost your sender reputation and increase the chances that your email messages will be seen and read.

How it works

IPQS is the most comprehensive and accurate email address validation service on the market. It uses hundreds of syntax & DNS checks to verify if an email address actually exists with the mail service provider and is capable of accepting new messages. It also includes a risk score that determines whether an email is disposable or temporary, has a poor reputation, and has been reported as abusive or suspicious.

Maximizing Your Email Marketing ROI with IPQualityScore.com’s Email Verification Service

IPQS offers a free trial and a human point of contact to assist you with setting up your account. It also comes with a custom pricing plan that can be tailored to your needs.

What it does for you

Verify emails in real-time to eliminate invalid & high risk addresses that impact your ROI and decrease deliverability rates. This is a great way to increase your ROI by saving time and money while improving the targeting of your email marketing campaigns.

Remove spam traps & complainers from your list and increase your sender reputation with industry best detection rates. This helps you improve your overall deliverability & reduce mass mailing service costs by eliminating high bounce rates, spam traps and frequent complainers.

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