Choosing Omega Moonswatch Straps

The Moonswatch straps was created to give the average consumer a taste of what it’s like to own an Omega Speedmaster at an affordable price. It comes in eleven different colour palates, each one inspired by a planet in the solar system. The USP of the watch, besides its ergonomic case shape and price point, is the fact that it is very light to wear and has an incredibly comfortable strap.

The standard velcro NATO style strap works very well on the Moonswatch but it’s easy to make the watch feel a little bit underwhelming and understated with this strap. Instead, try one of our premium NATOs or our custom Curved-End rubber strap. This strap is specifically designed to pair with the Moonswatch and fits seamlessly without leaving any gap between the springbars. The curved ends also help the strap to blend in with the case’s design aesthetic.

Timeless Elegance: The Beauty of Moonswatch Bands

Our premium sailcloth straps are also great options for the Moonswatch. This particular model is made with a dark blue, a shade that pairs very well with the watch’s orange details and is complemented by the brushed steel buckle.

Horus is a well-known strap brand in the watch community that has gained popularity thanks to several high profile celebrity wearers like Messi. Their straps come in multiple designs including their signature digital camo and this corsa black & red version. This version features a strong black base and vibrant red stripes that will complement the look of your Moonswatch.

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