Equestrian Arena Construction – The Base Layer

Building equestrian arenas requires careful planning and consideration to ensure the finished product is functional and ideally suited for your discipline. It’s extremely costly and disruptive to have to rebuild or modify an arena after construction, so getting it right the first time is vital. To avoid expensive and disruptive mistakes, it’s a good idea to consult with a trusted professional who understands the complexities of equestrian arena construction and can provide you with competitive quotes for both constructing a new arena and providing quality footing. Check this out :http://www.horsemenageconstruction.co.uk/

The base layer is one of the most important parts of your arena as it is what supports your horse and his feet. An ideal base provides a level surface with a slight fall, ensuring no low spots that collect water.

The Essentials of Equestrian Arena Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

It should also be able to be driven over without damaging the footing. A gravel base is a cost-effective option that will last a long time if it’s properly installed.

A concrete base can be very durable but can be difficult to maintain, and it’s a costly and messy alternative to gravel. Concrete is also less abrasive than other bases and can provide a more consistent, uniform riding surface.

Another type of base is a sand and cement mix, which can be an economical choice because it doesn’t need as much water to retain the structure. However, it’s crucial that the sand used is sharp sand with a range of gradations to avoid creating ruts that could bruise a horse’s hoof.

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