high table hire is a key element for event planning as it can significantly influence the look and feel of an event. There are many styles of tables to choose from and they can also be customised with different table linens, runners and decor. One of the most popular choices of table to rent are high top tables which can be used in a variety of environments, especially at bar parties or for intimate events such as tea parties.

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Often called poseur tables, these tall cocktail tables are the perfect solution for events where guests will be mingling over drinks. They are also a great option for bar sections in exhibitions and events and they can be matched with the rest of your bar furniture, like barstool seats. Our poseur tables for hire are delivered in three pieces (table top/shaft/legs) which makes them super easy to assemble on site.

These tables are usually hired out for use in reception areas where they provide a surface for colleagues to meet and greet visitors, as well as for buffet dinners or for display tables at exhibitions and other similar events. They are often made from reclaimed scaffolding poles which add to their unique, industrial aesthetic and they can be supplied in a range of lengths to suit your requirements. These tables are also considered a healthy option for office space as they can encourage the movement of people and help reduce repetitive strain injuries such as back pain.

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