How to Fight a Cell Phone Ticket in NYC

Cell Phone ticket

Using your Cell Phone ticket while driving has become one of the most common causes of traffic violations. The State and the police take this violation very seriously and are cracking down hard on this type of distracted driving. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced NYC Cell Phone ticket lawyer to fight your ticket.

When you are stopped by a police officer on the road in New York and you have your cell phone to your ear or in your hand he is going to assume that you are using it and will issue you a ticket. Even if you are just listening to music or looking at directions from your GPS the officer may still issue you a ticket.

In addition to the fine there is a surcharge of up to $93. The first conviction for this offense by a driver with a class DJ or MJ driver license or permit results in the automatic suspension of that driver’s license or permit for 120 days. Junior drivers are subject to stricter penalties for this violation than other drivers.

Distracted Driving Consequences: What to Know About Cell Phone Tickets

Leon Matchin has defended thousands of drivers against Traffic tickets in the New York City area and can defend you against this violation as well. In many cases he can use the phone records from your mobile provider and a statement from emergency personnel who received the call to get this charge dismissed in court. It is always worth a free consultation to discuss how he can help you fight your NYC Cell Phone ticket.

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