Options For Printing Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers are a great way to showcase your brand and engage your audience during trade shows, conferences or any other event. They can be printed with a variety of colors and images and are available in several different styles including All Over Print, Area Imprint, and Fitted. In this article, we will discuss the different options for printing your custom table covers, as well as provide tips on how to create a professional-looking design that will make a lasting impression.

Branded Table Covers: Making Your Brand Stand Out at Events

Printed table covers are made with high-quality stretch fabrics such as polyester and spandex that are known for being wrinkle resistant, which is important when it comes to keeping your table cover looking polished during the duration of an event. They are also hemmed and reinforced at the corners, which provides extra strength and durability. The graphics are then printed on the fabric using dye sublimation, which combines the colored-pigments directly into the fibers of the polyester. This results in a seamless appearance that is easy to wipe clean.

All-over prints cover the entire surface of the table cover, which allows you to use multiple colors and graphics to draw the attention of your audience. These types of prints are ideal for trade show booths where you want to command the audience’s attention from every angle.

Alternatively, front panel prints are visible on the front side of the table cover and allow you to display a single graphic on the face of the cover. This is a good option for smaller events or companies that are looking to keep costs down.

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