printing a photo on metal

Whether you’re looking for a new way to display your photos or you want to add an art-quality, upscale look to a photo collection, printing a photo on metal is the perfect choice. Printed directly on an aluminum panel, this durable print will last for years to come and is sure to be a conversation piece.

Getting Started

There are several ways to create your printing a photo on metal. You can choose between a direct printing method on an aluminum Dibond backing or a lamination process where the image is printed to a sheet of aluminum that is then laminated.

From Pixels to Metal: How to Turn Your Digital Photos into Stunning Metal Prints

The dye sublimation technique we use uses a heat press to transfer the image onto the aluminum panel. This produces a deeper and richer color fidelity than traditional inkjet printing or other methods of creating a metal print.

It is also a bit warmer than other print techniques, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your image. This can make some images, especially those with heavy blues appear textured.

A glossy layer on the back of the image adds a super-glossy finish that can create an almost wet look. This gives the image a unique look and is great for displaying photographs of beaches, oceans and waterfalls.

You can choose from a range of mounting options, including frame mounts, rear frame mounts and float mounts. You can even opt for an acrylic pedestal to make your print stand out as a piece of artwork in any room.

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