spore syringes uk

Spore syringes are used to store spores for many varieties of mushrooms, from oyster mushrooms to gourmet types. They are manufactured with medical grade equipment to prevent contamination and maximize the viability of the spores. The best way to store spores is to store them in the refrigerator at 2degC or less and store them in the dark. The spores are water-filled cells and if they are not stored properly, they will die.

What you should know about mushroom spores  ? 

Spore syringes come in single-spore and multispore options. Both are helpful for growing mushrooms. They are also made to collect spore prints, which you can then rehydrate with sterile water. These prints are then used as inoculation medium. To prepare these spore prints, the spore syringe should be sterilized first. Boiling the distilled water at least two to three times will kill off any bacteria. After the needle is sterilized, the sterile water is then drawn into the body of the syringe.

The spore syringe UK is one of the most convenient ways to cultivate mushrooms. You can use it in conjunction with a flow hood or liquid culture. The spore syringe allows you to add spores directly to the substrate, which is the easiest way for beginners to grow mushrooms. It’s also preferred by many seasoned cultivators.

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