Where to Buy Shrooms in Toronto

The city is now home to one of where to buy shrooms Toronto, which sell psilocybin-infused products such as chocolate bars and edibles. But the shop is a black-market operation that continues to operate in spite of being raided several times by police.

The cash-only store offers a variety of mushroom products, including caps, stems and extracts, as well as infused tea and chocolate bars that contain psilocybin, the active drug in magic mushrooms. It’s popular among Silicon Valley tech workers who use it to boost productivity in their jobs. “Microdosing” is a growing trend, with people taking small doses of hallucinogens to feel an altered state without the hallucinations or intense emotions that can occur at higher doses.

From Shitake to Chaga: A Guide to Toronto’s Top Mushroom Stores

Those who want to microdose can buy capsules containing 25 to 100 milligrams of psilocybin. They can also purchase a mushroom-infused powder to sprinkle on food or a gummy that has up to 150 milligrams of psilocybin. But larger doses require a medical exemption, which can be difficult to obtain. Several of the dispensaries in Toronto and elsewhere have been shut down, but the ones that remain are still operating in a legal grey area.

Trevor Lewin, who operates an online e-shop that sells shrooms in Vancouver, says the exemption process is opaque and inconsistent. He said he’s considering challenging the law in court. He says the government doesn’t even provide guidelines for what a person needs to do to qualify for an exemption.

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