Choosing Loveys For Babies and Toddlers

loveys for babies

A loveys for babies is a small soft object (usually a blanket, stuffed animal, or cloth toy) that can provide comfort and security for babies and toddlers. They can help soothe separation anxiety, support sleep training and even teach new things like potty-training.

Many children develop attachments to a lovey, which is called a “transitional object.” They are most likely to attach to soft objects, though some kids do prefer hard toys.

When selecting a lovey, choose one that your baby will be able to hold, hug or snuggle with. The texture and material should mimic the sensations they feel most often when they are being comforted by you, such as nuzzling, stroking or holding hands.

How to Choose the Perfect Animal Lovey for Your Baby’s Comfort and Development

Make It Easy to Wash – Since loveys are likely to be carried around the house, you’ll want to make sure they are easy to clean. They can get dirty from food, dragged across the floor, and from kids who aren’t careful about their hands. A machine-washable option, like this sweet fox lovey, will be easier for you to spot clean when it gets messy.

Keep It Safe & Available While Your Child Is Awake And Supervised — Babies under one year old should never be left alone in the crib with a lovey. It can pose a suffocation hazard or be a choking hazard if it has small parts that can come off.

If your baby loses their lovey, have it available in different places so they can easily access a replacement. This is especially helpful when they are first starting to sleep in their own room.

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