For RVers who want to hit the road but don’t have a large truck to tow their home on wheels, there are still plenty of options. Manufactured with lightweight materials and shaped for aerodynamics, today’s Light weight travel trailer can be towed by smaller SUVs, crossover vehicles and even some minivans. These nimble RVs can be just as home-like as any full-sized travel trailer, offering a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom wherever you park.

What is the lightest travel trailer with a bathroom?

Some of the latest lightweight travel trailers are packed with smart features that make them more than just efficient on the road and eye-catching at the campground. For instance, Indiana manufacturer Dutchmen offers its Aerolite trailer with a variety of floorplans that sleep up to six and feature a unique outdoor camp kitchen. And the pint-sized Happier Camper packs a full range of amenities into its fiberglass teardrop shape, including an air conditioning unit, TV, microwave, stove and outside sink.

Those looking for a more compact option should check out Forest River’s Cherokee Wolf Pup, which has a small floorplan with a queen bed, bathroom and kitchen that weighs under 2,500 pounds dry. The company also offers upgrades that add comfort and convenience, such as a washer/dryer and Wi-Fi boosting.

Before you head to the dealership, however, be sure you know how much your vehicle is capable of towing so you don’t exceed its safety rating. You can do this by checking your vehicle’s towing capacity on its owner’s manual or by using online resources like Tow Ratings, which will give you an idea of what your truck is capable of pulling. And don’t forget to factor in the weight of all your gear, liquid in tanks and extra accessories when calculating how much your RV will weigh.

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