When travel hiccups happen, it can be challenging to find a hotel with space and rates that suit your needs. But, if you’re willing to let your travel plans be flexible and not rigidly set in stone, last-minute hotel deals can be found at the drop of a hat. Resource : Savieno.com

If you’re in the mood for a little spontaneity and don’t mind leaving your hotel choice up to chance, consider utilizing a hotel booking app that allows you to leave your dates open. This gives you more flexibility and could end up saving you money. Last-minute hotel booking apps like Hotel Tonight and One Night offer this type of deal. These apps can also be helpful for those who prefer to stay at hotels with specific amenities, or a specific room type such as a suite.

Saving Big: Tips for Booking Last-Minute Hotel Stays

However, you should know that these types of hotel booking apps often do not disclose taxes and fees on their home page. This is because they are essentially secret-deal sites. To see the total cost, you will have to tap on the hotel name or on a bar that says “Book now” to reveal the nightly rate with taxes and fees.

Whether you’re looking for hotel deals for your personal travel or business travel, you can save time and hassle by using Hotel Engine to manage your corporate hotel bookings. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to book rooms for your travelers, regardless of the number of changes or cancellations they may make. In addition, you can also reduce the burden of completing credit card authorization forms by enabling incidental coverage for your travelers. This will allow them to skip this step during check-in and ensure that any incidentals charged are accounted for before the final hotel bill is submitted.

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