The frantic pace of modern life can cause a lot of stress. It is important to keep your body balanced and able to cope with these stressful situations with natural support. Many people are turning to adaptogens like chaga, reishi and more to help ease the effects of daily life. Gummies have been a great way to deliver this adaptogenic support. The best mushroom gummies offer a great tasting, easy-to-take way to microdose mushrooms. Gummies also keep longer than a small spoonful of powder and can be discreetly consumed at home or work. Read more

Mushroom gummies can be made at home using a few simple ingredients and a trusted recipe. The most common mushroom extracts used in gummies are lion’s mane, reishi and chaga. These are all renowned for their benefits including stress relief, boosting immunity and promoting cognitive health.

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Typically, gummies are not as potent as capsule supplements but can be an ideal method of consumption for those who prefer a sweeter, more palatable supplement. Make sure to check the label on your gummy to ensure that it meets your dietary requirements and is safe for you to consume. It is always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new supplement or substance, even if it’s a gummy.

These gummies from Earth and Star contain Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi and more to offer you a potent blend of adaptogens for balancing your stress levels. They are vegan, gluten free and gelatin free so they are suitable for any dietary requirement. Each gummy delivers 500mg of functional mushrooms for immune system support.

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